Commercial transportation is the pulse of our nation’s economy. From the distributor delivering goods to your local market, to the long haul truckers who transport goods cross country, ASC understands the challenges and concerns of today’s busy world. We will help take the pain out of dealing with those unfortunate accidents that happen along the way. We get you back on the road faster which increases revenue.

ASC provides start to finish claims handling for:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Motor Carriers who carry a large SIR/Deductible on their insurance coverages.
  • Captives

FastTruck™ Handling:

  • A significant number of Physical Damage claims reported to ASC involve unambiguous fact patterns and low severity. ASC seeks to indentify these claims quickly and complete the necessary investigation on a fast track basis. FastTruck™ is our custom program that allows us to resolve claims in the shortest time frame possible and get you back on the road an average of 4 days faster than other standard programs.

Litigation Claims:

  • ASC maintains experienced approved Transportation Defense Counsel in all venues. Counsel is available and ready to take any required action 24/7.
  • We have strict guidelines that stipulate our litigation handling, philosophy, reporting and budget preparation. These guidelines are designed to bring a prompt and economical resolution to all litigation and keep all parties informed throughout the process.
  • ASC has a preferred network of Transportation attorneys available 24/7 with access to reconstruction and trucking experts.

Claim Panel Discussions:

  • ASC is dedicated to keeping all interested parties fully informed on any claim of unique interest. To accomplish this, the ASC Liability Unit meets bi-weekly in a round table group to discuss claims of unique interest.

Quarterly Reviews:

  • Quarterly file reviews are established for each account we handle to update and review any pending Catastrophic Claims and other significant open files. We also complete an analysis of claims trends. Summaries of these reviews are made available to all interested parties.